Our Vision

Our Vision:


  • To know that the Bible is a very spiritual book that has been given to very real humanity.  Therefore, the vision is to see the spiritual made applicable to natural people, as well as to see natural people arising and living in the realm of the spiritual.  In other words, let us learn to be spiritual in natural things, and natural in spiritual things.
  • To raise mature people in God.
  • To reach out to every segment of the community and present the Gospel of the Kingdom as the sole solution to the dilemmas of community life.
  • To present an alternative lifestyle to those who are entrapped in non-conventional situations.
  • To provide facilities for the homeless, the displaced, the aged and the single parent, as well as to any other deprived segment of society that warrants our reaching out.
  • To provide wholesome recreation for our youth, as well as create a wholesome environment in which they can be nurtured and groomed through their stages of growth and  development.
  • To provide wholesome activities for the family that will help bind them in the bonds of love.